Know Safety – NO Accident

StarGAS is committed to protecting the Health and Safety of its employees and the environment. It is our goal to become the leader in our industry for product and protection of our people, equipment, product and the environment.

StarGAS provides state of the art training in Propane, High Pressure Gases, forklift, equipment, first aid, accident/investigation, hazard assessment and handling of dangerous goods related to the compressed gas industry. All equipment for employees and customers to do their task effectively and safely is our goal.

StarGAS is setting the benchmark in the Compressed Gases industry for their Health, Safety and Environmental programs. With this high standard, there have been challenges and demands, however, the wellbeing of our employees and those of our customers has and will continue to be the forefront of all operations within the organization.

KAISEN is Japanese for continuous improvement and is not just a way of life!  It is a sense of being and the only way to a sustainable future for our company that is ready to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Safety is the “Kaisen” of StarGAS Employees and Sub-Contractors.

The StarGas safety motto “Know Safety – NO Accident” projects the simple path to a safe working environment.  Attaining safety knowledge through training and skill development can only lead to a safer workplace.

                                                                                          StarGAS Propane March 2010